Our Classes

At JSC, we offer 6 classes: Numerical, Quantitative Apptitude, Reasoning Ability, General Awareness, English, And Computer Science. Refer down below to get a full description of the syllabus offered in these classes.


The Numerical classes are taught by Jagadish Palisetty. In our numerical classes, we cover basic number sense tricks that will help you pass any bank exam.

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Quantitative Apptitude

The Quantitative Apptitude classes are also taught by Jagadish Palisetty. In our Quantitative Apptitude classes, we cover topics such as Simplification and Arithmetic.

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Reasoning Ability

Reasoning ability questions in the bank exam tests if you can think logically. Topics covered in this class are Computer Aptitude, Coding Decoding, and Logical Thinking.

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The English bank exam is divided into 5 sections: Vocabulary, Grammar, Reading Comprehension, and Verbal Ability. We here at JSC will help you to cover all five of these sections in our English syllabus.

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General Awareness

The General Awareness section of the bank exam consits of three sub-sections: Banking and Financial Awareness, Current Affairs and Static. This knowledge is required for ANY bank emnployee, and JSC will help you cover these topics. Reading online newspapers will also help you prepare for the General Knowledge Section of the bank exam.

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Computer Science

Computer awareness questions are asked in bank exams (Ex. What is a Database Management System?, What is a RAM?, etc.). JSC will help you cover computer topics including computer hardware, networking, Database Management System, operating system, etc.

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